Sean (teenonfire4lord) wrote in orlandofla,

VERY Pet-Friendly Apartments?

My fiancé are moving at the end of the month and need to find a place still! We had a place all picked out, but that all fell apart when they learned about our pets. The cat is fine, but we have 5 rats and a bunny. It's very hard to find out if places will accept the caged pets online, because we've had places that say "Pet Friendly" tell us no. We're emailing and calling around, but some word of mouth helps too.

So, please comment if you know a place that accepts small caged pets, especially rats and rabbits. That is priority number one, but getting more specific, we're looking for a 1 bedroom around $700-$900 a month. If it has a W/D in unit or at least connections, that's icing on the cake.

Apartments, houses for rent, rented condos...we just really need to find a place! Thanks for any help.


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